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Honduras & Belize


Utila, Honduras & Caye Caulker, Belize

I have put Honduras and Belize together as I was only in each for a few days and I did not get too much sketching done.  In Honduras, I headed straight to the island of Utila.  I did this because I wanted to learn to dive and Utila is the most affordable place on earth to do the PADI course.  Turns out I actually did not like scuba diving very much, but hey, I tried.

After Honduras, I went to Nicaragua to meet a friend a console myself that I sucked at diving!  I then returned to Guatemala, and after that, I went to Belize.  Again I made my way through the country and headed straight to a tiny little island off the coast called Caye Caulker.  Wow.  Just wow.  That is my kind of place.  I had a lot of fun there and I appreciated the Carribean vibe.  I did some snorkelling (much more within my comfort zone), I ate some barracuda straight from the barbeque and I jammed on a two-string homemade bass guitar with a dreadlocked dude on the beach.  I loved every moment, ok, apart from the extreme sunburn I had on the back half of me…turns out when you snorkel your back is the part that requires the sun lotion. Don’t just put it on your front!  Oops.