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Top Nine 2018



Its that time of year where Instagram is alight with people’s ‘top nine’ – so using the Top Nine app I generated the pictures I shared in 2018 that gained the most likes.

They were the ones I had in mind that would come out on top.  Funnily, pretty much the only two pictures I have drawn of people all year, one a self-portrait and the other of a man in a bazaar in Iran made it into the top nine.  I am super keen to do more people sketching in 2019.  It is a weak point but I’m so captivated by other artists people sketches that it is something I would love to spend time getting better at.  The architecture that made it into the top nine was generally the more overly elaborate stuff – Victorian buildings in London, or the gothic hulk that is the Cologne Cathedral.  The remaining two were commissions, intended as gifts for people to give to their loved ones, so its pleasing to see them in the selection of most liked over the year.

As I said in my #topnine2018 post on Instagram I am so honoured for the support and encouragement I have had this year, especially in the last few months as I have started to take illustration a little more seriously and have promoted myself a little more, both on Instagram and creating this website in the summer.  I have friends and friends of friends commission me to paint special memories to be given as gifts to loved ones and have paid me good money to do so.  The fact that they believe in me means the world.

I am looking forward to the big sketchy adventures lined up for 2019.

Wishing all of you a wonderful Christmas or winter holiday and that all your hopes and dreams gain significant mileage in 2019!