The next stop after Tehran was a small city called Kashan.  It was evening when we arrived so we went straight to Negin Hotel, converted from a traditional house.  It’s beautiful, the dining area in particular with a fountain in the middle, and decorations around the edge.  It really did impress me, and I loved my room too. Loads of character. This is where I tried my first Fesenjan dish – chicken in a walnut and pomegranate sauce – sublime.  I tried this dish in a few other places during the trip but nothing compared to the first time I tried it at this hotel. Yum.

The following day we spent exploring.  The city has some of the oldest traditional houses in Iran.  According to some sources, Kashan is the origin of the three wise men, y’know the guys of gold, frankincense and myrrh gift-giving fame….?  I’ll just leave that unconfirmed ‘fact’ there for you.

We visited the historical houses of Tabatabai, Abasian, Ameri-ha and Borujerdi-ha.

One of my favourite sights was the crazy rooftop of the bathhouse (as featured in my sketch in the spread below).  The most breathtaking sight was Fin Gardens, I felt like I was in a scene from Game of Thrones, I cannot begin to describe the beauty of the architecture, the narrow channels of water leading up to them, the symmetry and of course the plant life.

Below is a spread of a few different sites in Iran.  This spread happened organically, and by that, I mean completely by accident.  But I am really happy how it came together, so much so I emulated it for the other cities I visited too, however, I think this was the most successful in terms of composition and the artwork itself.

If you want to visit Iran and discuss my experiences there, I would love that.  I think I could talk enthusiastically about Iran for a significant amount of time and would happily make recommendations.  Full disclosure, I do arrange trips to Iran, via the company I work for. But you by no means have to book a trip with us, that is totally separate to the content I provide here.  I just love Iran and want more people to visit, by whatever means.