Co. Kerry

In November I braved the Ryanair flight from London Stanstead over to Kerry in Ireland to see one of my very dear friends.  I had previously visited her when she lived in Cork, but this was my first time to Co. Kerry.

I love Ireland so much, and Irish people are just so wonderful, colourful and friendly.    

We visited the town of Tralee, I sketched a random watchmakers shop along the high street that took my interest.

Watchmakers, Tralee

Below is St Johns Church which I attempted in a limited colour palette of just two colours by Daniel Smith: Quinadricone Gold and French Ultramarine.  I think I saw someone do a limited colour palette video on YouTube and felt like I had to give it a go! I was pretty happy with how it came out.

St Johns, Tralee, Ireland

The two sketches below are both from Ardfert, a tiny little place very close to where my friend lives. Ardfert was the medieval capital of Kerry.  Random fact: there is a statue of St Brendan the Navigator in Ardfert.  It’s said that he discovered North America before Christopher Columbus, and Columbus read reports of Brendan’s journey before setting off on his own voyage…

The first Ardfert sketch is of Glandore Gate, built in 1815 by John Crosbie Earl of Glandore.  It was relocated and reconstructed where it currently sits in 1880.  The second is of the ruin of Ardfert Cathedral.

Glandore Gate, Ardfert