San Miguel de Allende

What can I say about good ol’ San Miguel de Allende?

I lived there for the past 6 months (May to October) in order to study silversmithing with a delightfully insane yet extremely talented 70-year-old Canadian ex-pat. If you want to check out studying silversmithing in San Miguel, check out the Sterling Quest School website.

San Miguel de Allende was voted one of the most beautiful cities in the world (although I don’t think it’s a city….maybe most beautiful town then).  It is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage City and I can see why – it’s a kaleidoscope of colour…literally and figuratively.

The neo-gothic pink church that sits in the Jardin, the heart of San Miguel de Allende, takes my breath away every time I round the corner into the square.  It’s a very special sight.

Neogothic church san miguel

The building below was one of my favourites in San Miguel de Allende. It’s a deep shade of turquoise and really captured my attention.  The thing that really struck me when I wanted to make this sketch was the strong cast shadows of all the power lines, it looked so interesting.  The building was on my walk to silversmith school so I saw it every day.San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

The scene below was the view from the front gate of the house I was staying and looking left to the end of the street.  There was an olive green house with these tall thin trees surrounding it like sentinels.Federico Montes, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico The houses in San Miguel de Allende are a work of art in themselves, I wanted to draw them all.  Below is a pale blue house, again with small plants standing guard either side of the door and a tangle of power lines crossing the front.House front San Miguel de Allende This red house had such a beautiful ornated door with foliage either side.  I have thing about doors and wanting to sketch them, something I first became aware of from my trip to Malta and the incredible variety or ornate doorways in the city of Valletta.  Red house front door San Miguel de AllendeUnfortunately, I did not get the name of this monument in the town of San Miguel de Allende, and my internet research has not turned up any clues.  I wanted to sketch it from the moment I saw it and I had this very specific loose style that I wanted to capture it in.  I’m happy with how it turned out.  I think it’s my favourite sketch from my time in San Miguel.Monument San Miguel de Allende This house was also on my walk to school, I really liked the yellow and the long format of the building.  Just after I sketched this the whole building was painted yellow so I am glad I caught it just in time.Yellow house front San Miguel This is a quick little sketch of Canal Street, one of the main streets through the town. Canal Street SMA, Mexico This is one of my other favourite sketches from San Miguel, a light blue coloured house with such an ornate window and wrought iron balustrade in front of it – I was super happy with this sketch.Ornate window, San Miguel And finally – you cannot visit anywhere in Mexico without noticing the vast array of VW campervans and beetles, decorated and styled in all sorts of wondrous ways.  Being a huge VW enthusiast, I sketched a couple of the more straightforward models as you can see below.

VW Beetle San Miguel Mexico VW Beetle San Miguel Mexico