South Africa

Johannesburg & Pretoria

I’ve been hovering around the outskirts of Johannesburg for a fair chunk of 2019, back and forward, and have only really been into the actual city once. Below is a sketch of the famous Market Theatre in the Newtown area of Johannesburg city.

The Market Theatre opened on 21 June 1976. In time the theatre became known internationally as the “Theatre of the Struggle” and was one of the few places in the 1980s that blacks and whites could mix on equal terms.
Newtown Theatre, JohannesburgNorth of Johannesburg and west of Pretoria is Hartebeespoort. It’s such a beautiful area.  You can take a cable car to the top of the hills and get an amazing view for miles in every direction.  Hartebeespoort cable car

Below is a sketch of the Hartebeespoort dam wall.  As you may be able to read below the dam is built with a Roman Triumphal Arch style wall.  The arch is a direct copy of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris.                   Hartebeespoort DamBelow is a sketch of the Voortrekker Monument in Pretoria.  It sits prominently on a hilltop so also provides great views of the surrounding areas.  It is quite an imposing structure, it commemorates the Voortrekkers who left the Cape Colony between 1835 – 1854.  The monument is 40 metres high and its base is 40 metres by 40 metres.

Voortrekker Monument Pretoria