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Old Doulton Factory – Lambeth

I received a little local walking tour from a friend who lives in Kennington. There are so many beautiful buildings in this area. I feel like I could spend the next year sketching buildings in Lambeth.

Strolling down Black Prince Road, this building particularly struck me as it’s so ornate and over the top, in stark contrast with modern architecture. The building emanates craftsmanship, as such it is a Grade II listed building. Just so we’re clear, I know absolutely nothing about architecture, however, I appreciate beautiful and/or interesting things, as I am sure we all do.

Southbank House is famous as it’s where Doulton pottery was made. Those in the UK will be very familiar with this name, I think every family in the UK probably owns something made by Royal Doulton, they are ingrained within British culture.

Most of the Doulton pottery buildings in London were lost during air raids in World War II. Built in 1871, Southbank House is the only remaining part of the factory complex. It was used to house the pottery museum, design studio and art school. Today it is used as a co-working space and artists studios.

If you ever find yourself in the area, go check it out, it needs to be seen in person!

Southbank House - finished sketch
Old Dalton Factory – Lambeth